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What is a Self-Help Clinic?

A Self-Help Clinic is a place where you can find helpful information and services about your legal problem if you are not represented by an attorney. Legal information includes court forms and tools to help you complete court forms, answers to general questions about court process or procedure, and help preparing for ...Read More on this Topic

What is a pro bono attorney?

A pro bono attorney is a private attorney that volunteers to provide legal help for free. Pro bono legal representation is a critical component of civil legal aid and plays an important role in providing access to the civil justice system. Because we do not have the staff or resources to answer ...Read More on this Topic

What is Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota?

Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota provides free legal help on non-criminal issues to low-income families and individuals to help them protect their basic needs such as income, health, housing and families. Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota is a non-profit law firm. We provide free legal help to low-income persons and families in ...Read More on this Topic

Isn’t everyone who can’t afford a lawyer entitled to have one appointed, like they say on TV?

No. “Most Americans don’t realize that you can have your home taken away, your children taken away and you can be a victim of domestic violence but you have no constitutional right to a lawyer to protect you.” – James J. Sandman, president of the Legal Services Corporation If you are low ...Read More on this Topic

What are some helpful tips when calling LSNM?

· The person who needs legal help should contact us unless he or she cannot do so because of age or disability. · Please have court papers or other important documents with you when you contact us. · If you need the help of an interpreter, please let us know, LSNM will ...Read More on this Topic

What should I expect when I call Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota?

You will need to tell us about the size of your household and the income that comes into the home. You will also need to tell us a little about your legal problem and who the case is against. For example, in an eviction case you will need to know your landlord.

What cases do you take?

LSNM can only handle only certain kinds of civil cases. The kind of help we provide ranges from telephone advice or brief service, to representation in court or at administrative hearings. The type of service we provide depends on the legal problem, merits of the case, and staff availability. We do not ...Read More on this Topic

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