Cases We Take


-Are you being threatened or harassed by a creditor or debt collector?
-Is your paycheck or bank account being garnished?
-Have your utilities been shut off?


-Does your child have a disability and need an Individualized Education Program (IEP)?
-Has your child been wrongfully disciplined, suspended or expelled?


-Have you been denied unemployment benefits?
-Is your criminal history preventing you from getting a job?


-Do you have questions about your custody or parenting time rights?
-Are you or your child scared of a family member?
-Need help understanding court papers?
-Need to file for divorce?


-Have you been asked to move or served eviction papers?
-Have you been locked out of your rental housing or have repair issues?
-Are you facing foreclosure or contract for deed cancellation?
-Have you been denied subsidized housing?
-Do you have a disability and need a reasonable accommodation?

Protective Orders

-Is someone physically harming or threatening to harm you or your child?
-Are you or your child being harassed?

Public Assistance and Disability Benefits

-Confused about your food support, medical assistance, or other public assistance?
-Have you been denied necessary medical care?
-Are you unable to work because of a disability?

Senior Issues

-Do you need a simple will, power of attorney, or health care directive? 


To qualify for free civil legal aid, your household income must be at or below 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG). You may be eligible for a waiver if your income is less than 200% of FPG in certain situations. If your income is at or below 200% of FPG and you have a critical civil legal issue, you are encouraged to apply.

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