Equal Justice Impacts Real Lives

Imagine experiencing the grief and pain of being parentless, and then being rejected by a new school. With both his dad and mom deceased, and no family willing to keep him, Trenton* moved to a new community and stayed with a family friend. The family friend tried to enroll Trenton in school. The school refused to do so without the signature of a legal guardian. He already missed a week of school before coming to LSNM for help. A LSNM attorney called the school that same day and explained the federal law that required them to allow Trenton to enroll in school immediately. She asked that Trenton be allowed to start school the next day. Trenton did start school the next day with a backpack filled with school supplies from the local United Way. Trenton’s grateful to be back in school where he can learn, make new friends, and create a new normal.  

*Client name changed. 

Together, we can make sure everyone in Trenton’s situation gets the legal help needed. 

LSNM’s Alexandria, Bemidji, and Moorhead offices are open 8a.m.to 4:30p.m.* Monday through Friday, and the Alexandria Office is also open on Tuesdays until 6:30p.m. 

LSNM accepts telephone applications 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and extra hours until 6:30 p.m. every TUESDAY.  Call toll-free 1-800-450-8585 or call your local office to apply:

                                   Alexandria: (320)762-0663
                                  Bemidji: (218)751-9201

                                   Moorhead: (218)233-8585


What does it take to provide equal justice? 

o $105 drafts a will for someone who is terminally ill. 

 o $210 creates a Delegation of Parental Authority and  Standby Custodian documents for a military parent stationed away from children. 

o $315 advocates for a child’s school rights. 

o $840 clears away debilitating debt so a family can start fresh.

o $945 gets necessary medical care approved.

o $1,050 stops a wrongful eviction or foreclosure and maintains stable housing for a family.

o $2,100 prevents harassment or abuse of a vulnerable child or adult.

o $2,625 provides permanent stability for a child exposed to violence, abuse or neglect.

How can I be a LSNM Partner in Justice?

  • Arrange for automatic bill pay through your bank.
  • Donate via credit card through Paypal.
  • Deliver your gift to a local LSNM office. 
  • Mail to LSNM, 1015 7th Avenue North, Moorhead, MN 56560.
  • Include LSNM in your estate planning.

Your contribution will be expended with federal Legal Services Corporation Act, 42 U.S.C. 2996, et. Seq, and Public Law 104-134. See www.lsc.gov for additional information.

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 On the Road with LSNM

An attorney will be available to meet with current and potential clients on the following dates and locations:

Otter Tail County 3rd Wednesday of each month located at the Otter Tail County Courthouse, Fergus Falls  from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. held in the Fish Lake Room (1st Floor).

Pope County – 2nd Wednesday of each month located at the Pope County Courthouse, Glenwood, MN from 9 a.m. to Noon.

Stevens County  4th Wednesday of each month located at Stevens County Human Services, Morris from 9:00 a.m. – noon  in the Interview Room.

Wadena County  1st Wednesday of each month located at WorkForce Center, Wadena from 9:00 a.m. – noon .

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