KidsLAW is a special project designed to meet the needs of our most vulnerable citizens – our children.  Our mission is to ensure that children have the necessary advocacy and resources to succeed in life.  Children experience many barriers that can inhibit and prevent them from becoming well-adjusted adolescents and adults.  The steps we take now, as a society to help our children overcome these barriers will guide not only their future, but ours as well.

More than three million of our nation’s children live in homes where domestic violence is a common occurrence.  These experiences greatly impact a child’s physical, emotional and social well-being.

Our first goal is to help protect children living in violent households.  The caretakers of these children must be informed and educated on the negative impact domestic violence has on their children.  Children also need to be assisted in developing their own safety plans and taking steps toward their own recovery.

The mission of KidsLAW is to use community education and direct representation in priority areas to:

  •   Inform others about children’s rights,
  •   Implement and enforce children’s rights and,
  •   Promote the ability of children to access:
  1.   basic necessities of life;
  2.   education; and
  3.   protection from harm and injustice.